Open Sauce Fonts is a font super family that is optimised for small text on screen and input. It was designed for a company called Creative Sauce, for their internal type system. Why is it called font super family? It comes with 3 families with subtle difference: Sans, One and Two, each of them comes with 14 styles: 7 weights from light to black and each comes with italic version. Open Sauce Sans family is the original that comes with ink trap design feature, while Open Sauce One is clean version without ink trap. Lastly, the Open Sauce Two is similar to One but with soften edges.

Open Sauce Fonts font families are totally free to use and it is released under Open Font License. With its high readability, it can be applied to many design applications. Also it might a good choice if you are looking for a fresh sans serif that is not Inter. Another font family that comes me my mind would be Geist Sans by Vercel.

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Free for personal and commercial use

Released under SIL Open Font License

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