Geist Sans is the brand font for Vercel, a tech company that build products for developers and designers. The font was first designed as the mono version by the creative people from Vercel and Basement Studio (designer of Basement Grotesque), once it’s perfected, they moved on to the Sans serif version. The font design was inspired by similar fonts like Inter and Univers, and drew inspiration from Swiss design movement where the design principles revolves around the idea of simplicity, minimalism and precision.

Geist Sans comes with variable font format, and a total of 9 fixed weights ranging from ultra light to ultra black. The font is open-sourced, and will look superior for clean and modern looking UI design. I can truly see this font to leapfrogged itself to be in the hall of fame of open-sourced font, joining the likes of Inter, Poppins and Satoshi.

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