Block is a free font created with basic geometrical shapes. Each characters are formed with blocks of basic rectangles with various curved corners, separated with either vertical or horizontal gap, creating the stencil-like effect. I tried create the characters with the same concept without losing its original shapes and characteristics. The only exception is the character “H” where it’s the only character with conjoined rectangle.

Besides that, the characters are tightly kerned, so that the gaps are consistent. It also carries the concept of building blocks, and giving monospaced-like visual outcome. During the design phase of the font, I also took inspiration from to Neo Tetra font designed by Benny Yang. Block font comes with basic latin characters including uppercases, lowercases, numbers and selected punctuations. Block is free for personal and commercial use, and it’s suitable for display and as wordmark.

  • Designer: Fondfont
  • Styles: 1
  • Category: Display
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Free for personal and commercial use

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